The Gateway

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The Gateway

About the Book

The Hawthornes bought Gateway from the estate, a beautiful house in the mountains. But soon, they learn of its dark and mysterious past. The house is infested with demons. It happened when the original owner took his own life by tumbling down the stairs and smashing his head on the hard wooden floor. That incident opened the gateway to a nether region of evil.

The family learned to live with the demons, careful not to break their rules for fear of death or worse. But the youngest child, Nell, discovers the gateway. Her safety is ensured by the little statue of Pan in her mother’s garden. It is still debatable whether the statue is in league with the demons, but little Nell seems to be protected from their depredations.

When Nell grows up and marries Rick, an engineer who owns an oil company, they move into an old carriage house down the hill from the Gateway. It is a blissful start to a new life. But due to unforeseen circumstances, they have to relocate to the house in the mountains, despite strong objections from Rick. When Rick succumbed to death, Nell is left with no choice but to sell the house she loves so much. She wants the buyer to be someone she can like.

But fate has a sense of humor because the man who buys the house is twisted and cruel. As the demons wreak their rage against the hateful man, can the house finally be cleansed of its horror?

Cynthia Delafield

About the Author

Cynthia Delafield is a painter, actress, pastry chef, caterer, dolphin researcher, and owner of a bed-and-breakfast. She has spent her summers at the Gateway, where often exaggerated and fictional stories of ghost hauntings are widely acknowledged. When the buyer of her house painted the rare red gumwood paneling in the living room white, she was inspired to write a story that centers around this interesting place.


Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. Her hand felt icy cold. The shadow appeared to be getting darker. The back of her neck prickled and she breathed a little faster. Scratch, scratch. Her finger worked its way forward to the very edge of the shadow. Then, very carefully, she pushed her finger hard against the nap of the rug until its tiny tip barely entered the shadow. A whirling dizziness roared through her head as she saw a black hole, a great hungry maw, open in front of her. She felt herself falling toward it, and with a shriek, she flung herself backward, then burst into loud wails, picked herself up and rushed
to her father. Will was shocked out of his doze as she catapulted into his lap. He leapt to his feet and his sons scrambled up off the floor.

Lark moved quickly between him and the door and wrapped her arms around him. He stood like a rock, then swept her aside like a blown leaf, and reached for the heavy latch that held the door closed. He hesitated for a second, then seized it.
“Oh, Christ, it’s frozen!” he gasped. “My hand is stuck to it!”
Trying to shake his hand free, he lifted the latch and pulled the door.
It opened toward him as he stood directly in front of the widening crack. Suddenly, he stopped pulling it, his jaw fell open, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he let out a screech like a train whistle in a tunnel. Lark hurled herself against the door, ripping the handle from his fist and slamming the door. Dallas slumped on the floor unconscious, his jaw still hanging open. Lark threw herself on him to try to force air into him, while Nell raced down the back stairs to use the pantry telephone, praying that it had not been disconnected.

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